Lesley Hobbs
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Lesley is a NewLaw veteran having been instrumental in setting up one of Hong Kong’s earliest ‘on demand’ legal solutions firms that grew from the ground up, into a multi-million dollar business in less than five years. Lesley is a qualified solicitor (England and Wales), with over 20 years of experience working with lawyers and risk management professionals across the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.



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In her previous roles, Lesley worked as in-house counsel for the legal & compliance department of a leading UK merchant banking group and she had a highly successful career as a headhunter sourcing high-calibre lawyers, company secretaries, compliance and regulatory specialists for global financial institutions and multinational companies.

Lesley is a permanent Hong Kong resident and she is regarded as one of the leading business development professionals in the APAC in-house legal community.



Tim Fawcett
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Tim Fawcett is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Cognatio Law. Tim oversees all Asia operations for the firm and is responsible for ensuring the uniform delivery of its global strategy.  He is also responsible for the introduction of various technologies that will further disrupt the industry as it adapts to the world of NewLaw.



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In his previous roles, Tim was interim COO during the set-up of a high profile law firm in Hong Kong which he helped to establish in 2017.  He also served as the APAC Managing Director, of a U.S. multinational.  His entrepreneurial endeavours in Asia have included the development of manufacturing centres, global distribution networks, new brands and being the driving force for a series of highly profitable mergers & acquisitions. 

Tim moved to Asia in 1999 from the U.K., and is a permanent resident of Hong Kong.


Sala Sihombing
Legal Officer

Sala is the Legal Officer of Cognatio Law and supports our in-house legal function. Her role includes preparing and supporting our legal and compliance professionals in the delivery of their consultancy services to Cognatio clients.   Sala is a dual-qualified solicitor (England & Wales/Hong Kong) with over 18 years' experience in both private practice and the investment banking sector.




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Following qualification as a solicitor in London, Sala returned to Hong Kong and worked in private practice before commencing an in-house banking career. This included working for 11 years on the trading floor of a major US investment bank. Sala has since developed an independent ADR practice and is a family accredited mediator; general accredited mediator and conflict management coach.

Sala moved to Hong Kong in 1983 from Australia and is a permanent resident of Hong Kong.