Struggling with regulatory implementation deadlines and increased compliance workloads?

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Cognatio Law is here to assist!

Within the international financial services arena, the volume of supranational & regional regulations and compliance frameworks implementation has been steadily increasing since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC)-- Hong Kong included. One example of this is the Basel Accord, in which the Basel III Regulatory Reforms were finally completed in late March 2018 and are required to be fully implemented by January 01, 2022.

In the past, for example after changes in HKMA and SFC regulations, we have seen an increased resourcing demand for projects including: internal investigations, mediation and data privacy; EU legislation; China’s cyber security laws; as well as the global focus on directors’ and officers’ responsibilities. By hiring a NewLaw firm, such as Cognatio Law, you will be able to meet your business-critical or regulatory imposed deadlines - with the professional results your business requires.

The experts at Cognatio Law are here to provide businesses and organisations of all sizes with the additional compliance and regulatory resources they need. We offer flexible rates, fixed-cost pricing, and monthly retainers depending on your specific budget requirements. Our management team has 40 years’ experience of working with legal, compliance and risk professionals across the Asia Pacific region. We offer a fresh platform for clients and consultants. Please contact Cognatio Law today to inquire further.

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Lesley Hobbs