NewLaw: An increasingly popular career choice The advantages of flexible work schedules

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The ability to choose your working hours and clients; step away from permanent employee status and yet still earn a competitive salary are huge draws for an increasing number of lawyers particularly those working in major global financial centres such as Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York.  These reasons, especially the flexible work schedule, are why NewLaw companies are becoming an increasingly popular ‘home’ for lawyers and they particularly appeal to women and trailing spouses in cities with a long working hours culture such as Hong Kong. For these two groups, Hong Kong is a great place to explore new professional and academic pursuits. It is also relatively easy in Hong Kong (when compared to other countries) to gain a dependent (spousal) work visa and pursue wide ranging commercial opportunities. These have included setting up businesses ranging from photography; fashion and fitness and for lawyers becoming a consultant with Cognatio Law!

Join a passionate team at the forefront of NewLaw:

Cognatio Law welcomes experienced legal, compliance and risk professionals who are interested in working on a more flexible basis and seeking more control over their career choices. We are particularly interested in hearing from candidates with either transactional, advisory, project management, regulatory or compliance experience in the investment & private banking, funds, insurance, telecoms, media & technology, FMCG and manufacturing spaces.

Some of the advantages of having a flexible work schedule include:

●      The ability to conveniently meet family needs, personal commitments and life responsibilities.

●      Being able to avoid the stress of rush hour commuting and thereby also reducing travel time.

●      Decreased childcare hours and costs, depending on the flexible work schedule chosen.

●      People are able to work at times when they accomplish most, feel at their freshest and actually enjoy working. (Early bird vs Night Owl)

Cognatio Law is headquartered in Hong Kong and headed up by an experienced management team with a solid understanding of both local and regional business needs as well as the related legal & regulatory requirements. We have built up our regional professional networks over the last 20 years and accordingly have a strong understanding of how to engage with and service clients across Asia. Companies can make significant financial and efficiency savings by engaging a NewLaw company over a traditional law firm. If you would like to join our team, or engage one of our highly-qualified consultants, please contact us today.

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Lesley Hobbs