ZegalCon2018: Unveiling the latest in LegalTech


Technology is transforming the legal industry, having already become an integral part of the way people live, learn, work and communicate today. This is why we are excited to read about the latest innovations which will get discussed at ZegalCon, Asia Pacific’s leading LegalTech conference, on 16 October 2018. Cognatio Law CEO Lesley Hobbs will be in attendance at #ZegalCon2018, along with other Asia based legal sector professionals, technology experts and LegalTech enthusiasts. Organized by leading LegalTech company Zegal, this year’s conference will unveil the latest developments in artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud legal technology.
NewLaw businesses are known for embracing innovation and new technology, as they continue to lead the transition from the lawyer-centric partnership model to what the buyers of legal services are now demanding; namely: a customer-friendly; technology-based and business focused offering. The flexible lawyering business model created by NewLaw firms is designed to meet these needs, and incorporating technology in to their service offering is key for these firms to remain competitive. This is why learning about the latest innovations in legal technology is so important from both the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side.
Here are a few of the speakers we are looking forward to hearing from at #ZegalCon2018:

  • How to Create an Environment That Bolsters LegalTech: with The Hon. Charles Mok, the Hong Kong Legislative Councillor representing the Information Technology Functional Constituency.

  • Latest Trend (Finally!) for Lawyers: Legal Design: with Maurits Fornier, founder of Fornier Legal Design based in Amsterdam.

  • Legal AI: Where It Stands Today: with Antoine Blondeau, co-founder and managing partner of Alpha Intelligence Capital, a venture capital firm investing in deep algorithmic science-based Artificial Intelligence companies worldwide.

LegalTech has the potential to both change the way we serve our clients and streamline & enhance the way we work. The legal industry and technology sector need each other particularly in the current economic climate where startups are creating intellectual capital and technological innovations which challenge the existing laws. The key is to find and identify the right technologies to use amongst the myriad being promoted. #ZegalCon2018 promises to be an exciting event with engaging speakers and topics that will educate us in a fun and informative way. Hope to see you there!
About us:
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cognatio Law is headed up by an experienced management team with a solid understanding of both local and regional business needs as well as the related legal & regulatory requirements. We have built up our regional professional networks over the last 20 years and accordingly have a strong understanding of how to engage with and service clients across Asia. Companies can make significant financial and efficiency savings by engaging a NewLaw company over a traditional law firm. If you would like to engage one of our highly-qualified consultants or seek to join our team, please contact us today.

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