Work Hard, Play Hard: Hong Kong’s Workaholic Culture

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The number of lawyers looking to work through a NewLaw* firm (*alternatively Law Company of Alternative Legal Services Provider) has increased across all the major common law jurisdictions including Hong Kong and Singapore. The reason? Flexibility. The ability to choose your working hours and clients is a career benefit no one should ignore. Hong Kong is well-known across Asia for its ‘work hard, play hard’ culture, although increasingly for many it seems to lean more towards the “work hard” side. Long hours and a workaholic culture are starting to become the norm in our “hustle and bustle” city, as seen earlier this year when the South China Morning Post reported that Hong Kong had the longest working hours out of 71 cities, with “tens of thousands of people working 75 hours a week”.

On average each week, Hong Kong employees are spending over 50 hours at their workplace, which is 38% more than the world average. This is one reason why NewLaw firms are becoming an increasingly popular ‘home’ for lawyers. The flexible work schedule is very appealing in particular to women and trailing spouses in those cities with a long working hours culture such as Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York. The ability to choose your working hours and clients, step away from permanent employee status, and yet still earn a competitive salary are hugely attractive to an increasing number of lawyers.
Negotiating a work-life balance which is right for you is important both for your physical and mental health as well as family life. Your time is valuable. Use it wisely, consider a career in NewLaw. If you would like to join our team, or engage one of our highly-qualified consultants, please contact us today.
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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cognatio Law is headed up by an experienced management team with a solid understanding of both local and regional business needs as well as the related legal & regulatory requirements. Co-founders Lesley Hobbs and Tim Fawcett have built up their regional professional networks over the last 20 years and accordingly have a strong understanding of how to engage with and service clients across Asia. Companies can make significant financial and efficiency savings by partnering with a NewLaw firm over a traditional law firm. If you would like to engage one of our highly-qualified consultants or seek to join our team, please contact us today.

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